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RX 580 Black screen in games, but after restart everything stabilizing and I can play again

Question asked by zpectre on Mar 15, 2020

Hi! I currently have a problem with my ASRock RX 580 8 GB. When I play games at first boot I do have black screen, just black screen with background sound. However, when I restart my PC the problem resolves and I can play again. But when I turn off my PC and pull off the cable from the outlet the problem comebacks. I have updated the drivers, hardly uninstall it with DDU and nothing helped me yet. Please, if anyone have solution I need you to fix this! Thanks!

My PC config:

Ryzen 5 3500
ASrock RX 580 8 Gb
Kingston Hyperx Fury DDR4 16 GB 3200 MHz
Kingston A400 480 GB