FreeSync Flicker

Discussion created by stevencys on Mar 14, 2020
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I am a newbie here and would like to get some help from the community:
   When FreeSync is on, flicker can occur if the frame rate goes out the FreeSync range. For eg: If the FreeSync range is 48-165 Hz, flicker can occur if the frame rate is 45 Hz. One solution is to use the Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) tool to set the lower limit of the FreeSync range to a smaller value. In this case, we can try setting 40-165 Hz.
I got some related questions:
1. I read a number of posts online and all posts mention about flicker caused when the frame rate goes below the lower limit (48 Hz in this example). Can flicker occur if the frame rate goes above the upper limit (165 Hz in this example)?
2. If the fix is to change the range, it seems that it is a range issue not a FreeSync issue. Why doesn't the flicker occur when FreeSync is turned off?
3. Does G-Sync have similar flicker issue when the frame rate goes out the the G-Sync range?
4. The CRU tool can be used to adjust the FreeSync range. The AMD and Nvidia Control Panel also have a Custom Resolution feature. Can that be used instead of the CRU tool?

5. Does FreeSync2 have the same flicker issue when the framerate if out of range?