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Ryzen 7 3700x temperature spikes

Question asked by a1ch3mi57 on Mar 14, 2020

Hi community! I made an account just to ask this question as I'm not a pc builder and I know nearly nothing about oc's in general other than how to use one. 
I recently got a new pc and inside it is a Ryzen 7 3700x. My old pc is an i5 6600k which is what I am using to compare these details.
I have msi afterburner installed and I use it to make sure I'm not putting too much stress on my pc but that's when I noticed something strange. 
My cpu is doing this constantly [added a file]

Is that normal? Compared to my other pc it just feels like this cpu is broken/misbehaving and I'm really worried that it's just going to stop working. Those temperature spikes even happen when under more load. Say it's at 75c, it'll then spike even higher and then slowly drop back down to 75c then spike back up.


Any help and advice would be really appreciate but try to explain the reply as if you're talking to a child please