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R9 Fury v Vega 56

Question asked by hardcoregames™ on Mar 13, 2020

One if the reasons for the R9 Fury is that price rot brought the card down to $80 which is as I love to joke about, down to where I like it. The R9 Fury has 56 CU which is a big jump in calculating prowess.


So I know there is a Vega 56 card which is somewhat faster but it is also a power pig. The problem is that I cannot find one at a proportional price to the R9 Fury yet. The Vega 56 is still $200 which is a bit more than I like for it. Vega 56 is worth maybe $140 at present.


Right now Vega 56 cards are available but not many as these cards are far more costly compared to mainstream cards. Vega 64 cards are even more uncommon.


So for now I will explore the R9 Fury and see what it can do with Halo at 4K. Halo is not all that demanding so it should be playable.