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CPU Intel i7 8705G and AMD Vega M GL. ProRender AMD + Intel

Question asked by technis on Mar 13, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2020 by bsavery

I need to finish 3D animation about "how diesel engine works". It will be free for use and easy to understanding 3D animation with piston group, cylinder head, fuel pump system and etc. 93', in my YouTube channel. And I need to upgrade my laptop to finish this work (haven't sponsors, haven't advertisement, work by myself). So I've found one laptop with processor i7 8705G with "discreted" AMD Vega M GL videochip. ("To buy or not to buy...")


 This is a one big chip with I7 8705G with HD 630 and "discreted" AMD Vega M GL.


Operation system and work software:

Windows 10 Home Edition, Blender 2.79 b (this version more comfortable for me)



Will  AMD ProRender switch on function CPU+GPU in this situation or not ?


Thanks in advance.

(sorry my english if it's bad)