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BSOD with Radeon HD 4650 on Windows 10

Question asked by bfg99 on Mar 12, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2020 by elstaci

I’m not expecting much new info here, but figured it’s worth a shot!


My mom has an old Gateway DX4300-03 tower which runs a Radeon HD 4650 card.  Yes, it’s from 2009 so the fact it is still operating is a minor miracle (and partly due to the work I do on it each holiday since I live several states away).


Anyway, it’s been running Windows 10 for a few years without issue, but in the past 3-ish months it’s been experiencing BSODs with a Video TDR Failure in atikmpag.sys.  Typically it happens while running a low-demand graphical game (think Mahjong or cards) or during initial/return-from-sleep bootup.


The problem is that this card isn’t officially supported in Windows 10 - it’s too old.  Only HD 5000s and above are supported.  That said, she was getting along fine with the generic Microsoft driver until recently, when - I suspect - Windows either updated that driver or installed build 1903.  Since I don’t live near her, I am limited in what I can check, but when I was there in February I did not see a stand-alone driver install listed in Windows Update, so am guessing it must have something to do with 1903.


I tried uninstalling the current driver and installing the latest compatible Catalyst driver listed on AMD’s site, in Windows 8.1 x64 compatibility mode (as that was what the driver was built for)...that seemed to work for a while but the BSODs are back.  (I’m wondering if Windows “updated” the driver again?)  She even hired Geek Squad once and they had no new suggestions other than “increasing the time the computer has to find the graphics card during bootup”, which they did (no effect) and which I assume is a registry setting somewhere.


Does anyone have any ideas, or suggestions for other articles/posts to read?  I hate to tell her to buy a new computer or downgrade to 8.1 or lower just because the hardware is too old.  And solutions like registry edits, custom drivers, etc. might work temporarily, but they’re easily overwritten by Windows Update while I’m away, putting us back to square 1 again.