RX5700XT with 144Hz monitor - High vRAM Usage and clocks

Discussion created by andrew7 on Mar 12, 2020
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As title says. I just bought 144Hz monitor LG27GL850-B and I've got wierd problem with vRAM of RX 5700XT.

There is no Overclocking made.

OS : Windows 7.

Driver 20.2.1 ( 20.2.2 is making my computer to restart at random events )

When refreshing is set to 144 Hz, even on idle my vRAM usage is about 47% and clocks are at 1750 MHz !!!.

When I set it to 120 Hz the vRAM clock drops to 200-300 Mhz but usage is still at 40+ %.

I've also made a resolution profile where I set refreshing rate at 142 Hz - at this setting VRAM clock is also at normal rate of 200 Mhz but again VRAM usage at 47 %.

WTH is going on ?

Does anyone had/has similar problem ? Any ideas how to fix it ?