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Freesync flickering (CSGO menu for example)

Question asked by azalot on Mar 12, 2020


i already saw a lot of People complaining about a Brightness flickering issue with Freesync enabled, but since it's not listed in the "known issues" part of the recent Patch Notes i'm starting to wonder..


I'm using a Radeon RX 580 Nitro and bought an AOC C24G1 a few days ago.


First i encountered this Problem in the CSGO main Menu + Loading Screen, whenever you click on something theres a small flicker. If you go to your recorded matches and start downloading, it flickers until the download is completet. Ingame everything works just fine.


Then i tried League of Legends... now the small flickerings appear Ingame, especially when youtube is running in the background.


Then i tried Kingdom Come with Performance Metric Overlay on, the Overlay disappears every 10 seconds for a short time and reappears with a small flicker.


If i turn Freesync off everything works perfectly fine.


since i'm close to returning the Monitor i'm very thankful for any help or information about this. (i dont think it's a monitor Problem tho)