Streaming with Relive, no chat window visible

Discussion created by benton18 on Mar 12, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2020 by jabberwock90

Hallo! Im using the relive feature to stream on twitch, everything works fine, the bitrate, the resulution and so on.

But when i conigure the scenes for example, i activate the chat window ( i only have one monitor, so i love to use this)

it does not show up, when i start the stream. is there a extra button to activat the overlays i did not find?

In former times, it was no problem, it was there, where i want it and with the fontsize and locatoin, i conifigured.

I setup this in a scene as usual, but no chat visible, same with viewercounter, nothing on screen dring livestream.

Is there a bug in the scene options?`i have latest driver, and i also made a driver clean (with utility) and full reinstall, di not help.

thanks for any hints