What do you recommend?

Discussion created by povert on Mar 12, 2020
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Hello people.

I appeal to the community interested in developing RPR for Blender.
For me, 3D hobby, doing something wrong, I find bugs.
Purchased Radeon VII, the map is playing.
In Blender (cycles eevee), it works.
But the card, in fact, is not used for 100 %
Games load the video card more than rendering.


I thought that this Blender (cycles eevee) and Radeon are not best friends.
There is the same RPR.
Render from the developers.
That's where the map will be able to fully reveal their talents.


At the moment, I found several errors.
The object is not rendered.
A quarter of the screen has much less noise in the rendering view.
I don't want to talk about program crashes.
Night mode crash in Windows when Blender crashes.


And I can still find bugs.
Of which, the most annoying, the video card is not used at 100%


Honored forum, not in sight that people interested in the fate of RPR.


What do you recommend?
Will there be a result if you report bugs to developers?


English is not my language, the computer translated it.
Sorry if the text is hard to read.