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I have XFX RX 580 8gbs graphich card, problems with triple monitor HP Mx27 Freesync

Question asked by antoniotg on Mar 9, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2020 by elstaci

I have a graphich card XFX RX580 8gbs, and 3 monitors Hp 27"MX . And If I continue doing this that I m gonna explain, I,m gonna break my computer , restart by restart . Every time my monitors turn off cause mode save energy is on( 30 min stopped) when they are not working; well  after that, If I want to turn on, and have to restart the computer every time to have my monitors on.


Another issue is that I have to configurate the 3 monitors with the amd radeon software (last version 20.2.2) every time I turn on my computer, to established the resolution5760x1080 that is the idonea to my triple monitor, and the signal of 2 of them, sometimes are losing. 


The third issue is that, I can put the mode Freesync radeon in the software amd radeon, cause show that my monitors Hp 27 MX are not compatible with this mode. and this is a lieeeeeeeeeeee. My Monitors Hp 27 MX has FREESYNC MODE 144HZ, And I cant use it and configure it.


Can anyone help me to fix these problems? because Im gonna to burn my computer with so many restarts


Thank you