Nitro's Custom Settings

Discussion created by bryannitro on Mar 9, 2020

Currently Working on,


Adapative Motion Blur Per Selective Item "based no call time" VS Whole Screen call time  =  20FPS+

{based on the system being able to blur textures and models reducing there impact on GPU frametimes}


FullRange integer Scaling Models, Texures, Effects = 10FPS+

{allows the gpu to set value ranges depending on set framtime to framerate settings , allowing over tesselated and over shadered objects to be reduced to keep a level frame experiance}


Pattern Swapping

{allows the GPU to change patterns early/mid/late cycle allowing system to adapte to user}



already have a lot done but, OMG nvidia IM COMING...



overall perfect image quality in all load ranges from BFV to METRO Framerate means nothing!!!