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3900X Clock Speed Ramping Up and Down

Question asked by alphamachina on Mar 8, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2020 by alphamachina

I recently upgraded to a 3900X system, and when I first ran AI Suite, it showed the CPU mostly staying at 3.8GHz unless I ran something intensive like a game, then it would jump to 4.4─4.7GHz as needed. But after trying the 5-way Optimization and letting it overclock my system, it stayed at 4.275GHz and the temps were good, around 39c at idle and 65c while gaming, but I wanted to go back to stock clocks due to being stuck with the low clock speed. So, I went into BIOS and loaded Optimized Defaults. But now, the CPU clock speeds bounce around from 3.6GHz to 4.6GHz and vcore bouncing from 1.0~ to 1.4+ while sitting at the desktop, and the temps are worse than they were when overclocked, at around 45-55c while idle, plus my fans are ramping up and down with the clock changes. 


What the hell is going on? Why would it be doing this now when it's supposed to be back to stock settings? I tried uninstalling AI Suite, but it still did the same thing. I just want to get it back to the way it was at stock without all of this bipolar ridiculousness going on. Could someone list the default values for all of the voltages and CPU BIOS settings? Everything in my BIOS is set to "Auto" but I'd like to double check it. I just don't get how the optimized defaults now can be so different from how it was before the overclock, because the core voltage seems much higher now, keeping my temps up. I was running stock at 3.8GHz and around 35-40c. Now I'm running at 3.6-4.6GHz with a higher core voltage, and my temps are idle at around 49-50c. It's nuts.

I'm running the CPU on an ASUS X570-E Strix Gaming motherboard with the latest BIOS.