drivers for radeon r5 m200 hd8500

Discussion created by maski on Mar 8, 2020

Dell Inspiron 15 3541, win 10 (64 bit) (AMD A6, AMD radeom R4 integrated and AMD R5 discrete). It began to hang after 5-7 minutes of operation. Reinstalled the operating system - didn't help. Noticed: the driver of the discrete video card ("AMD Radeon R5 M200 hd8500") isn't installed correctly. The installation of Radeon Adrenaline 2020 didn't help - the graphs show that only the built-in AMD is loading, while the system runs with delays every 2-3 seconds. When the built-in video card is forcedly disconnected in the Device Manager, Adrenaline cann't start, giving out that it did not recognize the video card or the video driver is installed incorrectly. At the same time, an error icon appears in the Device Manager on a discrete video card, after 5-7 minutes the system itself completely freezes until you cut it off from the electrical network. What else can be done to revive a discrete graphics card, since the integrated one can’t cope