Radeon 5700xt red devil is rebooting my system

Discussion created by matoteus on Mar 7, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2020 by pxndx

Hey guys, recently i brought a 5700XT Red devil , and some times when gamming, the system just reboot for no reason, and all the times the system reboot in loading screens , not in the real time game...


Im with the last driver version , and i also try to change between oc and silent mode and continue the same... I have this problem in those 3 diferent games: PUBG , The Division 2 and Men of Medan, all the times rebooting happens in some loading screen. I dont know what could it be...


My config:


MSI B450 Gamming

R5 3600

5700XT Red Devil

16 GB 3200 Memory


Obs: i've never had this issue in my old RX580