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5600xt crashes 20.2.2 has possibly made it worse

Question asked by kethos on Mar 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2020 by hipic

system specs:

MB: X570 I AORUS pro wifi

CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x

Ram: AORUS RGB Memory 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz

Graphics: Gigabyte RX 5600 XT GAMING OC 6G

PSU: Toughpower Grand RGB 750W Gold


The rig was built in Oct 2019, at the time i still had my R290X graphics card. I've not zero crashes for months until I've upgraded the R290X to 5600XT. for best compatibility and mostly brand loyalty i always went with gigabyte over others as you can see from the list, so i thought things would just work but apparently not. I have to note that i did upgrade the bios on the 5600XT using the FA0 flash at Radeon™ RX 5600 XT GAMING OC 6G | Graphics Card - GIGABYTE New Zealand  to gain the most out of the card.


The card worked fine in games (WoW, bf5, apex, PoE) the only ones i play currently. This was on 20.2.1. but i did get random crashes when on twitch or even browsing chrome. it happens more frequently when the computer wakes up from sleep. the release notes of 20.2.2 got me very excited but actually made it worse. i now get crashes in game! which makes raiding impossible. with 20.2.2 i followed the recommendations of turning off the enhanced sync, in fact i disabled everything, enhanced sync, anti-lag, chill, boost, everything. i even used DDU to uninstall and reinstall the drivers twice and also not even click on the turning tab so no overclocks/under volts whats so ever. basically as out of the box as i can get it. still it crashes. A friend of mine has the 5700xt he said he gets blue screens but after changing the power plan to performance it has fixed it for him. I tried the same, performance plan and even the AMD Ryzen high performance plan, still the same issue.


When i say crash i mean my screen goes black, speakers buzz and then after about 2 seconds my pc restarts itself. After it restarts the Adrenalin software does not start. when i manually start the AMD Radeon Software from desktop it will flash and the close it self. i have to manually restart the computer again to be have the driver software start. I actually tried to just leave the driver software not started and see what happens but still it crashed after about 20min.


I don't think its a hardware issue because on the good days i can game for hours and not get a crash other days it crashes every 10-15 min. the temps never go above 67c because i have 5 cooling fans.