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Regular Eset 455 errors in event log and black screen 5700xt

Question asked by thelvyn on Mar 6, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2020 by atmosphere

With the newest drivers we are still getting black screen flickers randomly.  Could be just browsing Chrome, or randomly while playing a game.  I found an error in the event log for the Eset with a 455 code.  It does not match up perfectly with every time it goes black but it is close. 


The black screens are better as they recover but this is just ridiculous.  It has been months of pulling out Displayport cables and putting them back in to recover from black screens.


I have already tried full uninstall of drivers, and used a driver cleaner before reinstalling the software.  I have also tried old drivers and in place upgrades and well just about everything I can think of.  Any ideas would be appreciated.