20.2.2 WHQL Driver Bug

Discussion created by cimamura on Mar 6, 2020

Hello everyone, just a little bug I found. At very random times, but consistant enough, when I start up my computer or even restart, the taskbar icon of Radeon Settings can no longer be right clicked. Thats how I first know the problem is present. Second, I cant get the settings open when this happens. I will try the .exe, I will try from the start menu, or right click on the desktop with no success.


I thought I had to restart or turn off and on my computer, but the quicker way to reload the settings was a log out and log in. It works prefectly fine from there.


So far I have not found anything else wrong other than game issues. DX12 is broken with The Division 2 and Resident Evil 2 (2019), and setting Anti Aliasing to Enhance Application settings, will cause IL2 Battle of Stalingrad to never start. With minor tweaks, they are playable, so theres that positive.


Anyways, thats it!


Windows 10, 64 Home 1909 Build

Intel i7 5820k 3.3GHz


AMD Radeon R9 Fury X

(no tweaks or overclocking or Bios changes)