Radeon R9 380 Gigabyte screech sound

Discussion created by bart7678 on Mar 7, 2020

When I open 3d games my radeon R9 380 starts to make kind of screech sound. It is not very loud sound. It is very high sound. My head hurts from it. My games work fine but that sound is unbearable. Does anyone know what might be the issue? I know nothing about graphic cards. My PC has few years but it is working fine.


If it can not be solved can someone tell me a name of new graphic card also with 4gb ddr5 for ASUS motherboard M5A97 le R2.0. Something cheap that would be maybe newer and better than this R9 or at least something to not lose games performance. slot PCIEX16.

I would not want to invest too much money into that PC.