Ryzen 3 1200 freezing

Discussion created by lif4 on Mar 6, 2020
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Hello, i have this pc

ryzen 3 1200

gigabyte ab350m-ds3h v2

HyperX Fury Red 8GB DDR4 2666MHz CL16 1.2v

zotac 750 ti

ocz fatal1ty 550w

ssd plextor m.2

ssd plextor sata

hdd wd blue

hdd samsung

Wtih old pc ( fx 6100 same parts only i have no problems)


After i change cpu+mb+ram i have problems

Randomly i get freeze most of them in idle ( firefox,youtube)

Sometime i get this freeze in load when i play farcry 5 or mudrunner only 2 time

98% freeze is in idle.


Freeze mean it's like everything stops responding instantly, mouse doesn't move, no BSOD, no restart, no graphical artifacts.


Windows 10 x64

I test with prime95, memtest,furmark no error

I have last bios, i try last driver, old driver, nothing work


2-4 day pc run very well, i have no problems and next day i get this freeze 1-4 freeze


If i uncheck automaticaly restart, pc just freeze and i need to restart from case

If i check automaticaly restart, pc freeze 20second and restart.


No error, no bluescreen nothing