Error or Bug in the Radeon software 20.2 driver for windows 10

Discussion created by vaan1152 on Mar 5, 2020

What happens is the following, I have both windows and ubuntu installed on my PC, one for work and one for games


OS: Windows 10 PRO version 1909 build 18363.693
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.4


Driver windows: Radeon Software 20.2.2
Ubuntu Driver: AMD ROCm Release v3.0


MB: Aorus Ultra Gammin x470
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
RAM: 32 Gb Corsaire revenge LPX
GPU 1: Asus oc RX 580 8Gb
GPU 2: Asus oc RX 580 8Gb
SDD: samsung 980 NVME M.2


I recently bought a third monitor for my setup,and the problem lies when I connect the third monitor to my second video card and boot in windows, the system does not recognize, no output, does not read the third monitor connected GPU number 2.


The opposite happens in Ubuntu, the OS automatically reads the 3 monitors and I can enjoy them with complete peace of mind.


The error is not if it is in Driver for windows that does not read the monitors or does not activate the outputs of the second GPU, I do not know what is happening in general with windows 10 or how this can be solved from Software since in ubuntu if it works and in windows no.