Thermal paste became glue?

Discussion created by notsosmalldavid on Mar 5, 2020
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Well, I installed my Wraith prism cooler on top of my Ryzen 7 2700x which is placed into my MSI B450 PRO GAMING MAX Motherboard a few weeks ago. At the time my temperatures idled around 50-60C which i thought was a little high considering my room is practically an ice block all the time and my other components where quite cool. Today i checked the temperatures and Argus Monitor and Hardware monitor are reading around the high 60C mark. I powered down my PC and unhinged the arms on my cooler and removed my cooler. upon doing so it revealed the whole CPU socket of my motherboard. I looked at my cooler to find my CPU had been almost glued onto the cooler. I gave it a wiggle to no avail and saw that the plastic that holds the metal bracket had snapped off (The tension arm for the CPU). I was a little disheartened but thought it's nothing that some strong non-conductive glue with a high melting point wont fix until I looked at the cpu. the pins had actually been bent a little from where i'd pulled the cooler off. So i tried to find a cause. Everything i did was perfectly normal as i'd had no problem with assembling the exact same setup for my sister. I had to pry the cpu away from the cooler with a piece of thin but strong card that separated the now thermal glue  from both surfaces.


Has anybody else had a problem with the stock thermal paste or the Wraith Prism Cooler?


TL:DR Thermal paste acted as a glue and ripped my CPU from the socket and glued it to the cooler.