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NO fan control temp on R9 FURY

Question asked by merrynova on Mar 4, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2020 by wingou

i don't know if this its happening on other gpu models but i go from this which was the panel on adrenalin 19 on a fury x where you can just tell the driver which temperature you want and he will do it, it will keep the temp to whatever number you type and if the temp goes above a msg would pop-up letting you know that the temp threshold was excededadrenalin 19


To THIS thing where you can't control ANYHTHING you just add your RPM for the fan and thats it good luck my friend you can't even configure a fan curve something that you can do now days with almost any software out there you can do it with afterburner for example but since you have a freaking browser in the drivers how its that you can't even control the fan curve or temps properly now from one version to another? forget to mention that the profiles for games ain't working either so you cannot use a RPM for each game to keep the temp  you have to do everything manuallyadrenalin 2020


another funny thing its that if you just turn on the fan without the advanced options and apply changes it would turn off automatically since theres NOTHING there and it won't keep himself  "turn on" until you activate the advanced one where you only have the RPM


so please can we come back to the OLD fan control at least? i'm not asking here for a new fan curve or anything i just want the old one i don't think its too much to ask


or if anyone know a way to improved this without the need to install a 3rd party software who does it ^ ^ 

maybe you can make the driver thing that you had any other gpu? or whatever and it would something pop up on the driver?