Missing features from my Radeon Software

Discussion created by dalloskid on Mar 4, 2020
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I've been getting frustrated lately as the default settings on my GPU fan seem to let it idle around 1400rpm or rev up to 4000 rpm with little to no in between. the 4k is usually overkill, with the gpu at 50-60 degrees and it's getting annoying.


But I boot up the radeon software, and I have no options to mess with my fan speed in the tunning page, only the ability to set a minimum fan speed.


Some images to show what I'm seeing





When in all the videos of it I see, they have views more like this guy, with more in depth options like fan smoothing and such.




I'm using the latest adrenaline software, 20.2.2, and have tried reinstalling to no avail. 


Please help me, I'm getting frustrated! Thanks


Some extra info:

Computer Type: Custom Build

GPU: R9 290 4gb 130mhz

CPU: intel i5 4460

RAM: 24gb

Operating System & Version: Windows 10

GPU Drivers: 20.2.2

Description of Original Problem: Provide as detailed an account of initial symptoms of your issue as you can.

Troubleshooting: Tried reinstalling many times