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AMD  A9 -9425

Question asked by bhfriedell on Mar 1, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2020 by kingfish

i have a new hp computer purchased in Dec 2019.  It has a AMD A9- 9425 RADEON R5 processor, I get messages all tghe tiime that the lastest versions of Adrenline are  available.  That  Processor is not even listed in the A9 Radeon listings hence you cant downlod Adrenlin 2020 and it is not a Windows update,Its a AMD Download.  Also, you can ttry the automatic program to try to find your Preocessor and  Graphics on yout computer  that won't even run and comes up as a incompldte.  Does AMD have any plans on fixing this?   There are only like 5 models of AMD A9 laptops versions listed.  Im sufre thare are thousands of /AMD A9 - 9425;s out there.  This is not good.