Possible Fix for black screen reboots on 5700 XT's

Discussion created by amdfreak01 on Mar 1, 2020
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Ive been in contact w/ customer support for this issue that ive had for the past 2 months or so. There were several things they told me to do, and all of you have probably done them several times over.


After installing 20.2.1 (from 19.9.2) i got ONE Black screen.




What seemed to "work" for me (and by work i mean i haven't had a black screen in over a week), is by adding the following registry tweak. I also force closed MS edge at the time, so im not sure if this had a role aswell.




add  DisableHWAcceleration 1   (DWORD)


Doing this allowed me to play for several hours w/ no problems. Mind you i still do get crashes, freezes, but no black screens that force me to reboot. That's at least a step up.


The funny thing is i removed this tweak to test for a black screen and so far ive still havent had any. Edge is running aswell. IM not sure what the heck this problem is. It sure is a strange one.


Give it a try if you haven't.