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Black Screen Crash when Rust launch

Question asked by nothing17 on Feb 29, 2020
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by m4rekx

Hello, for now I have installed last driver and it's not solve my problem  Thats why i am here. 
So, Always when I launch Rust after loading of anticheat i can see load of menu for 1 sec and in this moment my screen become black. I don't know what happen with pc, but sound don't work, screen don't work, look like my pc turned off ( but case still have light ) I had problems with Rust before - the game didnt work in full screen when I tried connect to server, but when I set it in Window Borderless it will be ok, but now I can't even get on the menu.  My friend btw has same drivers and same videocard but from Sapfire ( I have from MSI ) and his Rust works fine. Any help? Another games works fine. 

Videocard : rx 5700 XT Gaming X 
RAM : 32 GB 
Mb : MSI Gaming x470 plus max
CPU : 3800x