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New Driver Update 20.2.2

Question asked by angellicious on Feb 29, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2020 by amdmatt

Hello my system specs are:

i7 6700K @4.5 1.33v

Saphire Nitro+ 5700XT

Corsair Vengeance 16gb @3200 xmp 1.35v

Asus Z170-a 

650 watts PSU

Alienware aw2518hf freesync monitor 48-240 Freesync range.

Now my problem is this even though last update of drivers fixed many issues for many people my problem still exist,

It's like freesync is not working properly, I need to cap my fps to something like 150 in low settings in order to have APEX running smooth but once I go under that fps value I get stuttering and stuff which shouldnt be happening.

I should have my fps locked to 237 while freesync is on and have flawless gaming experience no matter what my fps value is at unless it goes below 48 thats when I should stutter lag or whatever correct?

Why is this happening any ideas?

Also my GPU usage when I have low settings on APEX Legends it fluctuates between 25-55% GPU Usage why it does not stay at 99% constantly like my friends pc is with his RTX 2070?


Please help..