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AMD High Definition Audio Device stuttering

Question asked by cloudeffect on Feb 28, 2020
Latest reply on May 29, 2020 by cloudeffect

Ever since getting the RX 5700 XT about 2 weeks ago I've been having audio issues, specifically stuttering. It only happens when using AMD High Definition Audio Device through the HDMI to my TV. I've used headphones both wireless and wired and never had a single stutter while using this GPU. There is something majorly wrong with THIS GPU and the HDMI audio through it. I was using an RX Vega 64 before this and never experienced these issues with the HDMI audio


I've tried using DDU to clean the previous drivers off as well as using the AMD clean utility both in safe mode, to no avail. I also tried using older drivers as well as the ones that just came out today. I've also tried different HDMI cables and that did nothing. Nothing seems to work.


It happens all the time while I'm playing games. It happens a lot less often when I'm listening to music or watching videos. I've also noticed when it does happen in the desktop the sound device icon on the bottom right corner of Windows 10 will have an X over it for a split second when it occurs. It's like it's disconnecting for that split second.


Does anyone else experience this issue? Or even have a possible fix?