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R7 3700X CPU cores not sleeping when Win 10 is idle

Question asked by partydaz on Feb 28, 2020
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Little question for you folks,


The cores on my R7 3700X CPU are not going too sleep when Win 10 is idle.


Now this only happens when I exit a game, only way to fix it is a reboot of windows then the cores sleep & idles 0.9V, i have left the machine on most of the day with steam running downloading games etc and when i close steam down and leave it to idle the cores go to sleep, so only exit a game seems to start the fault


AMD Ryzen Master used to monitor CPU.


Voltage jumps around 1.16v -1.2v @ 1.2Mhz. Sometimes after i exit a game it will clock higher at around 3Mhz+ @ 1.4V seems intermittent the clock rate and voltage but always the same outcome after i exit a game cores don't sleep at idle & the Single core boost never gets to 4.4Mhz until i restart.


I can make the CPU cores start to sleep if I select windows power saver plan the voltage drops to 0.9v & cores start to sleep. The Ryzen balance power plan is the default plan i use.


I only started to notice this a few days ago after Battlefield 5 CTD with the No output black screen bug but i have fixed battlefield 5 now no more CTD. After CTD Cores were stuck at 1.4v @ 3mhz+ until reboot.


Is this normal for these chips our are the power plans buggy?. I know they had problems on release with voltage and temps but i can not seem to find anything on my problem, if it even is a problem i might be seeing faults that are not there because its my new baby 


Reinstalled AMD Chip-set drivers see if it fixes the power plans, nope 


Voltage while gaming is fine all core boost 4Mhz @1.27V , Single Core boost is 4.394 @1.45V

Temps idle 32 degrees / room temp 20 degrees

Benchmark temps 63 degrees


Win 10 Stable for hrs on end and gaming no errors apart from the battlefield 5 CTD once 


Fresh build 4 weeks ago

All the drivers up to date + win 10

MOBO settings left on default & XMP only thing i changed / turned on when pc was built.



R7 3700x

MSI MPG x570 gaming edge WIFI

Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX Black 16gig, 3,600Mhz

Sapphire 5700xt nirto+ 

corsair RM 650w psu


Thanks for reading & any info would be grateful