RX 550X显卡图像处理卡顿

Discussion created by bridge on Feb 27, 2020


        最近关于AMD独立显示卡图像处理使我非常困扰,我的产品是联想笔记本因特尔i7-8代处理器+Radeon RX 550X的显示卡。在运行配置要求并不高能游戏中发现它没办法正常运作。









Dear programmers
Recently, I am very troubled about the image processing of AMD independent display card. My product is the display card of Lenovo notebook Intel i7-8 generation processor + radeon Rx 550x. It is found that it can not operate normally in the game with low energy requirements.
First of all, I run StarCraft 2, an old game that Intel i5 nuclear display can work normally. When I run it on my notebook, I find that one card per card. Other games have tested similar situations. I'd like to know what's the cause of the problem.
The current situation is as follows:
1. The power supply has been set to high performance, and the independent display can operate
2. The latest driver of AMD official website 20.2.1 has been installed
I have recorded some videos of the running process of the game. Please help me to see where the problem lies.
Thank you very much.