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Screen Tearing r9 270 (Dota 2)

Question asked by vorex_ on Feb 27, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2020 by vorex_

If possible, I would like to communicate in Russian.
I am writing through google translator with slight corrections:

FPS 90-120 PING 40, but lags without a network with bots.

*** The lags look like this: when you move the camera in the game, as if the FPS drops to 30-15 for ~ 3 seconds every 5-6 seconds, but the FPS is stable on the graphs, and even the frame time does not twitch much. And also if you limit the FPS to the value of the monitor without vertical synchronization, then horizontal stripes appear.

And the longer and harder you load the PC, the more these lags, they can even change their appearance and turn into Internet lags (model heroes jerk, roll back, or generally all run in place 1/2 second)


The problem started suddenly, at that time more than 3 months passed after the installation of new components and the processor was in a slight overclock (From 3.1 to 3.5 CPU)
*After the next launch, DotA 2 started to lag - these lags looked like an Internet lag, but ping was normal and there were no packet losses, the provider also did not find problems on its side. I started digging around and found that in the 2020 AMD Adrealin driver there was a high frame time in the statistics, later with MSI AFTERBERNER tests the screen (Overlay) had a stable frame time as it should be at 120 fps (~ 9.8ms), but on the 2 graph directly Afterberner’s program had significant leaps and at best 15ms and they increased with time up to 21ms (+ friezes 120ms) P.S. Another processor and video card hold frequencies and do not drop them.

***With increasing frame limits, lags are less noticeable or their intervals are shorter.


*Digging in this direction, I tested everything related to PC performance, overclocking the CPU, RAM, overclocking the monitor and the possible possible overheating with them. Then without overclocking at all (Now so). All possible images of Windows 7/8/10 systems, drivers for all devices and connectors, different BIOS versions, reinstalled the game, Steam, updated caches, optimized systems with programs and more, worked with Windows power. Most likely I forgot a lot of what else I did in the hardware case.
After that, I climbed into the computer hardware, changed the hard drive, changed the wire from the monitor (FOR display port to HDMI), all the connectors on the motherboard, usb, RAM, and the power supply checked everything. I cleaned the pc from dust. And most likely I still forgot something that I did in real life with a computer.


My findings related to this:

(I can say, obviously this is due to the rendering of frames /break frames, possibly a video card to the monitor or vice versa. And yes, I tried another monitor, it also stuttered)
***4. This may be due to the AMD driver, because when I changed some parameters in it, sometimes the computer stopped lagging for a whole day (Before restarting) Well, in general, the lags started appearing around the time when AMD decided to upgrade to the new version in 2020, with new technologies


*P.s. Write, if I need to try something, I will definitely do it, with the exception of those cases where I have a ready-made answer.


Dota 2 game settings: very low


CPU: AMD RYZEN R3 1200 4 CORE (No overclocking ~3.1GHz)
MONITOR: Iiyama ProLite 2530H (HDMI) 75GHz
MOTHER PLATE: Asus Prime B450M-K
MEM: 16 GB DDR4 RAM (2 identical trims)

GPU: Asus R9270 (HDMI)

GPU DRIVER: 20.2.1 (30.1.2020)