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Call of Duty 6 crash on 5700xt

Question asked by cj_gong on Feb 26, 2020

os : win10 1903 18362.592

graphic cards : 5700xt

radeon software : 20.1.3


problem : Launch cod6 as usual, everything is fine in the game menu, but as long as you enter the game, it always crashes after 5 or 10 mins. The OS will alert : DirectX occurs an unrecoverable problem. 

Before the crash, there are several tiny shutters that you can see on the screen, then ,it crashes.


I thought it could be the compatibility issue between some new radeon tech and this old dx9 game, so I turned off everything in RadeonSoftware: antiLag, chill, sharpening, sync and relaunched the game, the problem still exit.


Is there someone have the same issue?