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parameter passing for pipes in nested loop(deviceEnqueue)

Question asked by youngerliu on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by youngerliu
Im trying to implementation G-DBSCN in Qcom mobile platform(845/865), when in BFS part i just refrenced the sample code in DeviceEnqueueBFS in OpenCL SDK 3.0. 
At first: at Qcom mobile GPU platform(845/865):  i encountered "Segmentation fault" when starting "deviceEnqueueBFSKernel", btw: there's no compile error for the whole program. and i found out that this is caused by "null pointer dereference"
If i remove the 2  "pipe" Args from the deviceEnqueueDummyKernel(), then the program will not crash. So possibly i think something wrong when transfer the pipe args.
Then: i tried on intel CPU platform. and the kernel complier directly indicate the passing of parameter is incompatible.
As i had no AMD GPU at hand, i could not do the checking on AMD platform. I want to confirm that pipes in nested loop implementation is hw/vendor dependent?