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AMD software performance monitoring

Question asked by -hype_x7 on Feb 25, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2020 by hardtecnica

I just updated my AMD software to the most recent recommended version available 20.1.3. In the older version I used to have the Radeon Wattman open to keep an eye on the performance of my graphics card, mostly the temperature and the fan speed. That version had also on the top left corner the option to view either the max value of the different settings or the average value. The whole software changed, I tried to look for it, but couldn't find anything. I now play with the Performance tab open, but it only shows the current values (numbers) or the values for the past minute if I hover with my mouse. I really wanted the option to see the max value, because I know that this card - RX 580 4GB - has a high default value for the temperature, the fan starts to speed up when it comes close to the 85º mark if it didn't change. I don't even play any games that push it to that, only Euro truck Simulator manages to go above 80 in some cases and Witcher 3, that can also go relatively easy above 80, but in this case, the fan might start speeding even before coming close to 80. I'm a bit paranoid so I feel uncomfortable if I just think that I'm pushing beyond on what should. I just wanted to keep knowing the max value of each setting if there is any option available. Is it somewhere I can't find or was it removed?
Also, sorry for the long text.