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Cure all for Navi drivers

Question asked by farns on Feb 24, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2020 by kreaspykream

Please try this and report back to me if it solved your problem. I think the root of stuttering etc is Radeon Settings(Wattman).

My most successful current work around for all issues. DDU safemode, update to the newest drivers. Follow the simple instructions below given to me by another member. OC with AB. Monitor with GPU-Z. Basically you are nuking Radeon Settings(Wattman).

No anti lag, no image sharpening (you can use reshade if you really want it), but most importantly no more head aches.

"program files\AMD\CNext and delete everything.

open up task manager and shut things down and delete them

It's pretty hacky, but it works

you do need aticlxx, but that's all.

No graphics settings once you do this."