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Metro Exodus DX11 EXTREME FPS drop!

Question asked by medozo on Feb 23, 2020

Just discovered really weird thing.


Metro Exodus runs on my RX 5700 very well, but only in DX12 mode - about 60 FPS on Ultra settings in FullHD. But if I switch to DX11, game starts experience HUGE FPS drop. It runs with 10-15 FPS - almost impossible to play.
I really can't understand, why it happens. According to internet, game must run even better on DX11.


Problem is, DX12 causing crashes and black screens. In Metro Exodus DLC "Two colonels" game crashes every time, when protagonist start talking radio.


If I save game, then swittch to DX11, i can pass through this moment, but in "10 FPS slideshow".


How can i stop game from crashing with DX12 or fix it with DX11?