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Vega 64 No input

Question asked by cerberus_truther on Feb 23, 2020

Monitor will display no input with my computer running- all fans/ leds on. Only way to restore an image to the monitor is a hard reset.

This occurs randomly from time to time. The last time this has happened to me was 10 minutes ago the last time was months ago. Most of the time the computer runs flawlessly and gaming on it is great.

Please help me get to the bottom of this.

System config:

CPU:Ryzen 2600

MOBO: MSI B450 Pro Carbon

GPU: Sapphire Nitro Vega 64

PSU: 850W EVGA Super Nova 80+ Gold

Memory: 16 GBS Corsair

Storage: 1tb SSD and 5tb hdd

OS: Windows 10 Pro V.1903 build - 18362.657 Radeon Driver version: 19.50.02-191204a-349781C

Monitor: 1440p Dell 144hz monitor