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3800X reboots when I first start up my PC and doesnt happen again for the rest of the day

Question asked by rayman0625 on Feb 23, 2020

Hi all -


Looking for a little assistance since I just switched over to AMD from Intel and I'm trying to figure out what is happening.


Current setup:

AMD Ryzen 3800x

RAM: Trident z NEO 16 GB

MOBO: Aorus Elite Wifi

Video: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080

Cooler: NZXT Kraken x62

PSU: Corsair RM 750

Windows 10 PRO


Issue: I turn on my PC for the day and start to use it. About 10 minutes or so in - the computer completely restarts. This can happen during anything including the cpu or gpu not being under load. It is not a BSOD, just a straight up reboot. After that the system seems to run perfectly fine and I can continue throughout the day without any reboots.


I have updated the BIOS to F11, chipset drivers are updated, and GPU drivers too.


Any idea what could be going on?