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RX 5700 Black screen when starting Win 7, Win 10 and Linux Mint 19.3 after driver install

Question asked by ldv6 on Feb 23, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2020 by ldv6

Hello! After installing a driver my new rx5700 causes black screen in Windows after starting. UEFI is ok, in Windows 7 I get a black screen immediately after (no output from the graphics card and the monitor starts cycling the inputs and then I get "connect cable" message). In Windows 10 I see the blue windows and rotating dots and again the same thing happens. Driver versions I tried were 19.xx from the manufacturers site for Win 7 and 20.1.3 and 20.2.1 for both Win 7 and 10 from the AMD site. Tried installing Linux Mint 19.3, downloaded driver v.19.50 from AMD, almost the same thing, I see a black screen again, only this time the monitor does not report no input. In all cases I hear sounds from the speakers, if I type the password I can log in in both Win 10 and Mint, but no visuals. Graphics card output (HDMI) is working when using Basic Display Adapter Driver in Windows and no hardware accelleration in Linux. Win 7 was a long time used install,  I changed the video card from HD4890. Win 10 and obviously Mint were brand new with the RX 5700 only. In the Windows installs I used DDU between drivers.