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AMD Driver 5700XT not keeping fan settings.

Question asked by user_404_notreallyhere on Feb 23, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by makkara

AMD Standard OEM Drivers and Radeon software 20.1.3. GPU 5700XT MSI

I Found when I run with non adjusted fan auto settings I would occasionally once a week have a lockup while the computer is locked. When this occured my gpu heat pipes are quite hot. Testing this when I havent recieved a lockup of the system I can log in after quickly jump into the radeon and find it sitting at 55-60 degrees (nothing major). I changed the fan tuning to enabled and advanced control to enabled. I changed the profile of the fan to better suit what I want which is slow gradula fan at all times upto 80% at about 70 degrees. Applied and saved profile. Of it goes turning the fan on and bringing temps back to a comfortable 35 degrees.

Turn the computer off and on.

Fan doesnt start...check profile has my tuned fan option to apply till i move one of the fan points a millimeter or two and then apply.. fan turns on ramps up to bring temp down. 

Why am I having to manual adjust every restart. I have applied the profile and saved it