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My RX 5700 crashes in different ways, on different games ( Green Screen, Black Screen to No signal detected. ), Help!

Question asked by victoriamsus on Feb 22, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2020 by larabee

My RX 5700 crashed randomly in different games, in different ways, for example


In Rainbow Six Siege it would crash after some minutes to a no signal screen on my monitor.


In Mafia II it crashes to the same no signal screen.


In League of Legends it crashes to a Green Screen, with background sound, the only way I found of temporarily fixing it is disconnecting the HDMI cable from my Graphics card then reconnecting it.


Would anyone be kind enough to help me? Should I return it an get an Nvidia card? There aren't any other RX 5700's in my local PC parts store.


Edit: Yes, I have tried disabling Hardware acceleration on my background process, it doesn't work.