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Radeon 8750m not recognized with latest drivers

Question asked by bernie80 on Feb 23, 2020
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I installed windows 10 few days ago and tried to install drivers for my Radeon HD 8750m GPU. With latest drivers (26.20.15015.1007) I get message "No AMD GPU driver installed, or the driver is not functioning properly..." . I tried to install it manually and with automatic detection tool but same thing. Also I tried to delete all drivers using AMD clenup utility tool. It's important to note that when I installed old (AMD catalyst 15.7.1) all was fine?!.

Please help!


Spec: Acer V5-552G laptop
CPU: AMD 5757m (radeon 8650G integrated GPU)

GPU: Radeon HD 8750M 

windows 10
Greetings from Croatia, Bernard