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5700xt black screen / HD audio driver fix

Question asked by esper on Feb 22, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by amdmatt

Long story short: Had rx480, upgraded to 5700xt, now my PC is unstable.


Watching youtube makes it stutter then crash to black with the sound still playing. Games are also unstable.

Finally after lots of troubleshooting (googling, reinstalling drivers, clean driver install, FULL CLEAN WINDOWS INSTALL) I narrowed it down to the HD audio driver.


So I switched to not using it. Have to use headphones, but whatever.


Still the HD driver even when not in use borks my PC. Had to disable it in device manager.


My point in making this post is to inform AMD users of this issue and possible fix and to request the Driver team to have a way to disable the installation of the driver. Because every time you install the catalyst driver it also re-enables the HD audio. Which means on restart my pc crashes and I have to go to Device Manager again to disable it.


Seriously, I've had this card for just under a month now and I am really considering returning this and switching cards.