Random Screen Flashing

Discussion created by kendoosha on Feb 22, 2020
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I play many games, and when I am in fullscreen, and I go to options or the main menu, weird flickering flash things happen. I play minecraft, overwatch and fortnite (dont judge). I have tried many factory resets, DDUing in safe mode, and I am currently running adrenaline 20.1.3. Was running 20.2.1 and had same issues. I have turned on and off settings, and I cannot find a fix.


I have attached a video below in minecraft, and the same issue happens in OW and FN, but in FN, they are smaller portions of the screen, like small rectangles, and it isnt blue flashes. It is disorienting flashing. It happens in Radeon overlay too.



R7 3700X @ Stock
Red Devil RX 5700XT
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB 3200MHz CL16

MSI Gaming Plus X570

EVGA G+ 750W 80+ Gold

Stock AMD Wraith Prism

Corsair 220T (w/be quiet shadow wings)