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One of my 3600 cores on my cpu is 20 degrees hotter than the others. Defective cpu?

Question asked by maximummerc on Feb 22, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by maximummerc
  • AMD 5700 XT Sapphire Nitro+ (with lastest AMD drivers v20.1)
  • Operating System Windows 10 64bit
  • Display Devices 1080p 60hz Samsung 40 inch TV led
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte B450M Aurora + Bios (latest) F 50
  • CPU: AMD ryzen 5 3600
  • Power Supply Unit: Corsair SF600 Gold
  • RAM: 16GB, 3200 ghz

I just bought and built it new. The issue started when the stock cooler was buzzing every 10 seconds or so.  But in general it was pretty loud. I had a look at the temperatures and fan speed using all available means, from the crappy gigabyte smart fan software, to the bios settings, to ryzen master to hwmonitor. It is 100% apparent that the fan rpm spikes up intermittently to 1800-2200rpm (which caused the whine noise) and that Core CO3 (ryzen master) or Core TMPIN02 (starts at 0 so 2 equates to 3rd core) is running 20 degrees hotter than all the other cores. It seems that this temperature anomally was the issue. I used the pre-thermal pasted stock cooler, so i thought perhaps something was up with the way pasted/contacted. So i removed it, scavanged my older 3rd party cooler and very carefully and thoroughly applied new thermal paste, and made sure the flat surfaces made good contact. It's a good cooler. All copper, big quiet fan. I can set the fan speed using a third party dial so that also sorted out any rpm fluctuations. My system is now quiet, thankfully, that buzzing was driving me crazy, BUT core number three is still 20 degrees hotter than the other 5 cores. The 3rd party cooler dropped ALL temperatures by about 5-8 degrees (it is a superior cooler over the stock) BUT the 20 degree difference between that one core vs the other five cores persists? And this is when idling. You will note, below, the other temperatures reach a  range of 40-50 degrees which is normal for my home office room (all my past cpus were similar with that cooler). Is this normal for the 3600 series cpu? Any of you with the 3600 have a single core that is significantly hotter (by 20 degrees) in idle, than the others?


the power draw/use across all cores seem consistent and steady. so its nothing do to do with power draw. I can only think that third core die itself was incorrectly sealed to the heatsink?


I intend to do games testing next. It's possible they drive that 3rd core to burnout temperatures.... which should definitely be grounds for warranty replacement.

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