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Would a SP3 socket Epyc 7351P CPU work in a sTRX4 socket mobo?

Question asked by diarmuid on Feb 20, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by saywhut

I've got a SP3 socket Epyc 7351P CPU and the availability of motherboards is kinda limited. I was hoping to find something that is small form factor. In doing some of reading, I found that Socket TR4, is physically identical to a normal SP3 socket, but a TR4 socket will prevent the use of CPUs designed for Socket SP3 with an ID pin. Socket sTRX4, is also physically identical to the normal SP3 socket, but I can't find any information if a SP3 socket CPU like the 7351P I have will work in a sTRX4. Does anyone happen to know?