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Problem with Radeon R5 graphics on HP 15-ba009nt

Question asked by kanzan2 on Feb 20, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by heichsole

I have a problem with my Radeon R5 graphics on HP 15-ba009nt
When I play videos in the browser, they show up like the one in the middle. They're only glitching.
Also my rendering software is not working properly. I use Solidworks Visualize 2017, and I have only black screen.
I've already tried to install several drivers from the AMD Official site as well as from the HP official site, but nothing works.
I also tried to update the driver from the Device Manager, but still no luck.


Useful information about my HW:
OS: Windows 10 Home x64 (build 1709)
Processor: AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 graphics
Graphics: Integrated: AMD Radeon R5
                 Dedicated: AMD Radeon R7 M440

Thanks for any help!