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What is the normal power consumption of the XFX RX 570 4 GB? And what's the safe power limit of it?

Question asked by infinityvive on Feb 20, 2020

So I recently bought a used OEM-Pull XFX Radeon RX 570 4 GB running at 1244 MHz and it runs fine, but what I have noticed is that it gets an average of 35 FPS in Superposition benchmark when a normal RX 570 Should get about 39 FPS Average, Also I noticed that it does not go above 120w Power consumption and it's usage is bouncing from 10% to 100% and so on, so I decided to bump up the power limit in MSI Afterburner to +50% then I noticed that it now uses 175w+ and it's usage became stable at 100% in superposition benchmark and it's FPS got up to 39.1 Average...


So My question is, why my RX 570 was doing that? and is +50% power limit safe? My father (who was a gamer in the 90s) keeps telling me that setting the power limit like that will eventually burn the GPU even though I didn't mess around with Voltage or clock speeds...

So what do you think, Is it normal for RX 570 to consume only 120w and bounce in usage like that? and should I keep using it at +50% power limit?