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frustrated and annoyed, still no HDR fix for BT2020 output with AMD API

Question asked by mclingo on Feb 19, 2020

If it wasnt for AMD still supporting 3D i'd have moved to green ages ago but I'm stuck with AMD for now. The RX5700 series is quite a powerful gamer and HTPC card but its littered with problems AMD are not addressing for HTPC users. These issues are well documented and have been raided on here several times and logged to AMD direct, but after months still no fix is in sight. The card will not output BT2020 colour space when using its own HDR API on this card and there are issues with raised blacks with the EVR renderer.


If you're not using 3D then there really is no reason to buy AMD again, I know NVIDIA also have issues but they tend to get their basic functionality issues solved fairly quickly.


How on earth can you release a card with so many problems where they're still not fixed months later, how are these people still in business?????


Pull your finger out AMD, FIX this card.